Advanced Pumped Storage Hydropower Plants: Session 1

Date: Tuesday, February 26, 2019 2:00 pm - 3:20 pm
Duration: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

February 26, 2019 2-3:20 PM ET


This tutorial consists of four separate sessions presented by various instructor. Each session will be presented by two instructors for two separate sub-sections. The tutorial will cover the various aspects of Advanced Pumped Storage Hydropower (A-PSH) plant. The advanced pumped storage hydropower is considered to be a reliable large scale generator and energy storage, able to support high penetration renewable energy in the future power system. The tutorial starts with an overview, the role of PSH, various implementation of A-PSH in different countries, and dynamic modeling of A-PSH. Topics covered in this tutorial include dynamic models developed and deployed in major commercial software platforms for positive sequence stability analysis (e.g. PSSE and PSLF). The experiences of development, commissioning, and validation of A-PSH will be presented by several developers and manufacturers of A-PSH.


  • An Overview of Advanced Pumped Storage Hydropower Plant
  • The Roles for Adjustable Speed Pumped Storage in the Grid of the Future

Instructors: Eduard Muljadi, Auburn University, and Peter Donalek, Stantec

Intended Audience: practicing electrical engineers, research engineering communities, graduate students and power engineering faculty members, power plant developers, hydropower manufacturers, energy storage developers, utility and independent system operators, policy makers who are interested in large scale deployment of renewable energy, variable generation, inverter based resources to maintain and improve power system reliability and stability.

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