IEEE PES Web Site Contest

The IEEE Power & Energy Society Chapters Web Site Contest (CWSC) is conducted by the Chapters Activities.

Congratulations to our most recent winners!

1st place - three way tie!

2nd place - three way tie!

3rd place - four way tie!

1. Eligibility Requirement and Program Overview

All PES Chapters are eligible for the Web site contest. All chapters that provide a valid chapter website address on the combined Annual Report / High Performing Chapter Program form will be considered for the contest.

Awards will be based on the judging criteria outlined below.

First Place- US $400 each
Second Place - US $300 each
Third Place - US $200 each

A customized award certificate will also be provided to each winning chapter.

2. Contest Deadlines

I: Contest deadlines will be the same as the submittal deadline for the Annual Report / High Performing Chapter Program (currently December 31).

II: Judging will be performed during the first quarter of the year, and may occur multiple times to validate that information is being kept current and accurate.

3. Judging Criteria

Judging is based on the criteria categories outlined below. These are the recommended minimum criteria for a successful and effective web site.

Category 1 - Content (50%)

Content of the web site is very important. In addition, content must be detailed, accurate, and most importantly up to date. The content listed below should be included on the website.

1) PES and IEEE Logos

2) Name of the chapter on website homepage

3) Current PES Chapter Executive/Administrative Committee (list names / titles / functions of current chapter executives and committee chairs). Be sure to include emails, phone numbers, and other contact information.

4) Upcoming events (Conferences, meetings, other activities)

5) Member/Chapter Recognition (awards given/received, both recent and historical)

6) Resources (direction to facilities, meeting locations, etc.)

7) Past Activities and Events (1 year minimum) / Photo album

8) Chapter Historical information (past executives, significant events)

9) Link to the PES Chapters website

10) Links to PES Home Page and other PES sites of interest (i.e. related PES student chapter)

11) How to join IEEE, IEEE membership grades, IEEE Benefits, etc.

12) Links to IEEE (IEEE Home Page, IEEE History, History of Chapter)

Category 2 - Navigability and Functionality (30%)

Overall navigability and functionality of the website are important components of a successful web site. Items such as those listed below should be considered in the website designs"

1) The web pages should be well organized and intuitive to use

   a. The links are current

   b. There are no dead or under construction links

   c. The links make sense on the current page

   d. Evidence showing the site was produced, modified or updated recently (published date of posting/revision)

   e. Information should be concise yet adequate to convey the message

2) Navigation is recommended at top and horizontal with sub navigation at the left, never at the right or bottom

3) Use of tabs or links to subpages

4) Use of on-line meeting/event reservation … including linkage to V-Tools

5) Site search engine that can be used for easier information search

6) A "Contact Us" mechanism that utilizes email, social media, or other means for members to contact the chapter

7) Bi-Lingual web pages. English is the preferred language for the Web Site Contest judging, however it is recognized that the local language may be utilized as the primary language on the site.

8) Links to other websites that either launch a new window, or let the user know they are leaving.

Category 3. Originality and Overall Presentation (20%)

Originality and Overall Presentation are somewhat subjective but an important quality of a superior web site. Originality may be challenging when using a standardized web page template, however effective utilization of a template is evaluated as part of overall presentation. This category will also will judge how well a web site "works" with the content to provide the user with a pleasant viewing experience. Use of good presentation elements, such as color, fonts, tables, etc. will be judged. An effective mix of text, pictures and graphics will also be considered in this section. How well a web page functions using different browsers, along with speed of download will be included in this category evaluation.

Judging will be performed by the Chapters Awards and Resources Chair, the PES Chapters VP, and the Chapter Website and/or Electronic Communications Chairs. Other PES Chapter officers may be utilized for input. If required, tie-breaking will be at the discretion of the Awards Committee Chair using comments provided by the judges. All appeals and questions should be directed to the Awards Committee Chair. The decision of the Awards Committee Chair is final.

4. Contact Information

Edwin Carlsen
PES Chapter Activities Awards Committee Chair

Meliha Selak
PES Vice President, Chapters Activities