IEEE PES Society-Level Award Winners 2017

PES is proud to announce the 2017 IEEE PES Society-Level Award Recipients. Award recipients are selected through a comprehensive nomination and evaluation process. Please join us to congratulate this year's recipients for their exceptional achievements.

IEEE PES Award for Excellence in Power Distribution Engineering - Jim Bouford
In recognition of years of leadership and innovation in distribution engineering

IEEE PES Cyril Veinott Electromechanical Energy Conversion Award - Gérard-André Capolino
For contributions in condition monitoring and fault detection for electrical machines and drives

IEEE PES Charles Concordia Power System Engineering Award - Ongun Alsac and Brian Stott
For leadership in the development of computational algorithms for power flow analysis and security constrained optimal power flow solution

IEEE PES Douglas M. Staszesky Distribution Automation Award - David Wade
For leadership and visionary work in advancing deployment of Distribution Automation

IEEE PES Meritorious Service Award - Murty Bhavaraju
For leadership and educational contributions to PES

IEEE PES Nari Hingorani Custom Power Award - Bhim Singh
For advancements in active filters, three-phase multipulse converters and power quality improvement in solar PV grid interconnected systems

IEEE PES Outstanding Power Engineering Educator Award - Claudio Canizares
For fostering partnerships between industry and power engineering education and for developing innovative online power engineering programs

IEEE PES Outstanding Young Engineer Award - Le Xie
For outstanding research in power systems analytics and for leadership in big data

IEEE PES Roy Billinton Power System Reliability Award - Alton DeWitt Patton
For the development and applications of power system reliability models and methods

IEEE PES Uno Lamm High Voltage Direct Current Award - Zehong Liu
For technical leadership and pioneering work in Ultra High Voltage DC technology for bulk power generation integrated to large power grid

IEEE Power & Energy Society Leadership in Power Award - Joseph Svachula
For mentorship and fostering future engineering leaders and promoting innovative technologies and business models in utility industry

IEEE Power & Energy Society Lifetime Achievement Award - Hugh Rudnick
For passion and unwavering energy in electric power engineering and for pioneering solutions in power system economics

IEEE PES CSEE Yu-Hsiu Ku Electrical Engineering Award - Deshu Chen
For pioneering research and student advancement in the development of adaptive protection for power systems

IEEE Power & Energy Society Ramakumar Family Renewable Energy Excellence Award - Thomas S. Key
For pioneering contributions in renewable energy resource development and integration

IEEE PES Prabha S. Kundur Power System Dynamics and Control Award - Nikolaos Hatziargyriou
For contributions in the dynamic performance and control of power systems with dispersed energy resources

IEEE PES Wanda Reder Pioneer in Power Award - Meliha Selak
For leadership in power system operation and for inspiring new engineers and women in engineering throughout the IEEE Regions

IEEE PES Working Group Recognition Award -- Outstanding Standard or Guide - Ronald Farquharson, Working Group Chair, Ed Cenzon, Working Group Secretary, and Grant Gilchrist, Working Group Editor
"IEEE 1815.1, Standard for Exchanging Information Between Networks Implementing IEC 61850 and IEEE Std 1815™ [Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3)]“

IEEE PES Working Group Recognition Award -- Technical Report - Bruce Freimark, Working Group Chair
"PES-TR17, An Introductory Discussion on Aeolian Vibration of Single Conductors”

IEEE PES Prize Paper Award - Working Group on Centralized Substation Protection and Control, IEEE Power System Relaying Committee – Ratan Das (Working Group Chair), Mital Kanabar (Working Group Vice-Chair)
"Advancements in Centralized Protection and Control Within a Substation”
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Vol. 31, No. 4, Aug 2016

IEEE PES Prize Paper Award - Linwei Chen, Hai Yu Li, Steve Cox, Kieran Bailey
"Ancillary Service for Transmission Systems by Tap Stagger Operation in Distribution Networks”
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Vol. 31, No. 4, Aug 2016

In addition to the Society Level Awards, IEEE PES Class of 2017 Fellows are announced at