IEEE PES Outstanding Volunteer Award

Description: The IEEE PES Outstanding Chapter Volunteer Award (OCVA) program allows each PES Chapter the opportunity to recognize a volunteer’s contribution to the local chapter. This award was initiated by Chapter Leadership and approved in 2015 by the PES Executive Board. 

Eligibility: The recipient must be both an IEEE and PES member 

Frequency/Schedule: One Award per chapter per year. Chapter sets their own schedule/calendar. 

Administration: Each Chapter is free to establish their own criteria for the selection criteria.  The Chapter must establish a formal committee/team to administer and establish the guidelines for the award, and communicate the criteria and program to the chapter membership.  

The following areas are examples for consideration for the recipient: 

  • Members who played significant roles during a conference where chapter was involved

  • Organizers or significant contributors to Chapter affinity groups (Young Professionals, Women in Power, etc.)

  • Members who contributed significantly to chapter events or operations

  • Chapter ADCOM/EXCOM Committee Chairs or members

  • Chapter webmaster, social media coordinator, etc.

Chapters that participate in this program should consider: 

  • Publicizing a request for nominations for the Outstanding Chapter Volunteer Award. Each chapter member should be made aware of the award process.

  • Designate a committee of at least three individuals to review the nominations for the Outstanding Volunteer and to make a selection. Chapter Awards Committee chair should be a member of this selection committee.

  • Design a nomination form as deemed appropriate by the local selection committee. A "free form" nomination procedure is acceptable.

This award should be given high visibility and status in the Chapter. The award presentation should be made during a chapter meeting or other public event, and communicated more broadly via web page, social media, newsletters, etc. 

Award and Application Process: PES will provide, at no cost to the Chapter, a plaque to present to the recipient. The plaque request must be made six weeks prior to the presentation by using the OCVA Request Form which is submitted to The request form and an example of a plaque are avilable here or on the Chapter Awards web page.