IEEE PES Is In The Process Of Forming A New Committee

IEEE PES is in the process of forming a new committee that is focused on:

  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Loads
  • Customer Systems

There will be a town hall meeting to answer questions, review and revise the draft scope, and select an initial set of officers for the committee at the IEEE PES general meeting in Denver in July.

If you are interested in the committee please plan to attend the town hall at the general meeting.

Title: Technical Committee Reorganization Town Hall Smart Buildings, Loads and Customer Systems

Room: Terrace
Date: Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Time: 1pm-3pm

If you cannot attend the general meeting and are interested please watch for the announcement of the initial set of officers after the general meeting and email the new secretary of the committee to be added to the mailing list.

The final schedule for the general meeting will be published on the IEEE PES General Meeting Website in the next couple of weeks. The advanced program can be found at:

We look forward to everyone joining us.

At the town hall we will:

  1. Review the purpose of the committee
  2. Review which committees there will be liaisons to initially
  3. Nominate a slate of potential officers
  4. Vote on officers
  5. Create a team to setup a P&P manual using the PES template
  6. Create a team to setup initial sub-committees and working groups
  7. Create a team to finalize the scope for the committee

Please join us if you can.