IEEE PES High Performing Chapter Program (HPCP)

Congratulations to our High Performing Chapters

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Eligibility Requirements and Program Overview

  • Any active PES chapter is eligible to apply for the High Performing Chapter Program (HPCP).
  • HPCP is evaluated annualy during the PES Chapter Annual Reporting process. During October/Novemver of each year, an online reporting link will be sent to all PES Chapter Chairs. The chapter chairs need complete the annual report via the online reporting system to qualify their chapters for the HPCP. Please contact the PES Communication Coordinator regarding online reporting system.

  • Each PES Chapter that meets the defined performance requirements will be eligible to receive funding. Up to $1000 will be awarded based on the scoring criteria of the program. These funds are to be used to support the cost of operation of its chapter.

The High Performing Chapter Program Description

  1. The High Performing Chapter Program funding will be awarded yearly with a maximum of $1000.00 and a minimum of $200.00.
  2. Chapters will be scored and earn funding based upon the following criteria:

a) Timely updates of chapter leadership contact data using an email mechanism

Chapters must provide updated address and email information for its officers within few weeks of any change. These updates should be made to the Regional Representative, Chapters Representative, IEEE section secretary and send up to date information in an email to, which is also listed on the Chapters web site.

This will be measured by determining if this information has been communicated to the Regional Representative and Chapters Representative throughout the year in a timely basis. For chapters whose officers change at year-end, the final update should be received no later than January 31 of next year.

b) Hold a minimum of four (4) meetings per year:

Chapter must hold four meetings during the calendar year. (Should a chapter hold more meetings, the chapter will receive extra points per meeting as discussed below.) At least three of the four meetings must be meetings where an IEEE L-31 form is submitted. The remaining meeting can be of a social, planning or administrative nature. This requirement will be measured by examining the report referred to in item 2(c) below to make certain there has been a minimum of four meetings held.

c) Utilize the Chapter Outstanding Engineer Award:

The chapter must have a defined program to recognize outstanding contributions/support by its members. This could, for example, be met by awarding the Chapter Outstanding Engineer Award (COEA) to a member of its chapter during the year. It could also be met by the chapter by including in the report it provides to the Regional Representative and the Chapters Representative a description of the program that it has in place, the recognition that it has considered and the actions taken.

This will be measured by using the records of the PES Chapters Awards Committee to determine if a request for a plaque for the COEA has been made by the chapter prior to January 31st. The request must be made to the chair of the PES Awards Committee with copy to the Regional Representative and the Chapters Representative.

d) Provide Chapter information via the web:

The chapter must maintain an active PES chapter's web page/site. The web page/site must include, at a minimum:

1- A complete list of chapter officers including e-mail addresses
2- Information on programmed activities including date, time and location of activity, details on the activity and the speaker.
3- Details of past activities.
4- Date of last update.
5- A webmaster or other contact

Chapter web site must be maintained and be current throughout the year. Web Page must be accessible to all members through a link on the PES chapters website.

[Please not that a chapter may use a section's web site with a defined sub section for the PES Chapter activities. If needed, obtain help from PES to establish a web site via the PES Chapter's Webmaster at]

e) Complete the Annual Report of chapter activities:

Chapter must provide a brief but complete report of the chapter's overall activities for the previous year using the Annual Report / HPCP Form. The reports should be provided to both the Regional Representative and Chapters Representative no later than December 31.

Items a-e above are the minimum requirements and must be met to receive any funding. The following are additional activities that will earn additional funding.

f) Graduate of the Last Decade Program:

Demonstrate a chapter GOLD (Graduate Of The Last Decade) program that is focused on increasing the number of PES members who have graduated from college in the last ten years. This could include awarding a chapter developed outstanding GOLD member award at the chapter level or adding a GOLD member to the chapter's Executive Committee or other steps to develop PES GOLD membership.

g) Women in Engineering Program:

Demonstrate a chapter WIE (Women in Engineering) program that is focused on the WIE mission to inspire, engage, encourage, and empower women within the chapter. Examples include increasing the participation of women PES members in the various chapter activities, chapter committees, and chapter activities to promote WIE.

h) Membership Growth / Retention Program:

Demonstrate a chapter membership Growth / Retention program geared to increase the membership of the chapter. The program should include a plan and a set of actions to achieve chapter membership growth (or retention).

i) Membership Advancement Program:

Demonstrate a program to promote and achieve membership grade advancement (Sr. members, Fellow nominations). Provide details of the programs and statistics on number of advancement nominations / successes.

j) Membership recognition activities:

Demonstrate activities to recognize the accomplishments of chapter members. This will be activities or events that include recognition events (local recognitions, speaker recognition, award dinners of ) This also includes any nominations for any IEEE or PES awards. Note: This section will award funding for recognition activities beyond the use of the Chapter Outstanding Engineer Award (which is one of the minimum requirements for the HPCP).

Demonstrate chapter support of student–related activities and development. This includes demonstrated activities with respect to IEEE Student Chapters at the college level and/or with students in grades K-12 (or equivalent).

k) Student Activities:

Demonstrate chapter support of student–related activities and development. This includes demonstrated activities with respect to IEEE Student Chapters at the college level and/or with students in grades K-12 (or equivalent).

l) Chapter Educational Activities:

Demonstrate a chapter-sponsored educational activities. An educational activity is defined as a program which offers at least one tutorial, short course, lecture series, or other activity directly related to the education of its members. This can include technical, professional, business, project management, or other topics of interest to the chapter's membership. Note: This section is not for student activities.

m) Conference Activities:

Demonstrate the chapter's support of PES conference such as GM, T&D, ESMO, Joint Technical, ISGT, etc. Local conferences may also be reported if they significantly support PE subjects (credit is not given for IAS, PELS etc. conference activity).

n) Other Activities:

Details on other chapter activities not listed here may be provided and may be considered for funding.

Scoring and Fund Allocation

  1. Items a, b, c, d and e must be met and are defined as the minimum requirements. A chapter that does not meet these five (5) requirements will not be eligible for funding. A score of 40 points will be associated with meeting these minimum requirements.
  2. Additional points will be given for item b (five (5) points per additional technical meeting for two more (2) meetings, up to a maximum of 10 additional points).
  3. Items h, k, and l may earn up to 9 points each based on the quality and quantity of the activities.
  4. Items f, g, i, j and m may earn up to 5 points each based on the quality and quantity of the activities.
  5. A maximum of 100 points may be earned (40 for minimum requirements; 10 for additional meetings and up to 50 points for items f-n). The funding award for each chapter will be $10 per point up to a maximum of $1000.
  6. Chapter must submit the Combined Annual Report / High Performing Chapter Program form by the December 31 deadline to be eligible for funding. All scoring is based upon the details provided in this form. Verification of details may be required. An approved chapter-related banking account (with details of this account provided on the HPCP form) must exist to receive funding.

For joint chapters (such as joint IAS PELS and PES), the PES Chapters organization reserve the right to coordinate their support programs in the event that a single chapter requests multiple grants from multiple societies.

In Summary -- Plan To Earn Funding Now

In summary a chapter interested in receiving funding should:

  1. Keep its Chapter Representative and Region Representative informed of the chapter officers and their mailing and email addresses on a timely basis.
  2. Establish and maintain a functional web site for the chapter. To use the IEEE/PES system or link your web site to the PES web site contact Paul Pabst at
  3. Plan to hold at least four meetings (one can be administrative, planning or social).
  4. Utilize the Chapter Outstanding Engineer Award program.
  5. Complete and submit the IEEE PES Chapter Annual Report.

Chapters are encouraged to earn a larger award by holding additional meetings or activities as outlined in sections f through n.

It is that easy! If there are any questions, contact the Chapters Awards and Resources chair at or your Chapters Representative.