IEEE PES Award for Excellence in Power Distribution Engineering

Purpose: To recognize engineering contributions that have enhanced the quality and economy of electric power distribution.

The Award for Excellence in Power Distribution Engineering is presented annually to an engineer who has demonstrated one or more of the following:

  • vision to see opportunities to substantially improve the effectiveness and utilization of electric power distribution and the ability to articulate and manage its fulfillment
  • strong impact on the design of distribution system components, circuit configurations, or engineering and operating practices
  • innovation that led to significant increases in reliability or cost reductions in the costs of engineering, installing or operating electric power distribution systems

This work could have involved any field of electric power distribution, including: voltage control, underground, overcurrent protection, metering, surge protection, connections and terminators, cables, switching, system automation, software, and transformers.

Prize: $1,000, Plaque and travel subsidy for recipient of $1,000 (with review by the PES Executive Director for extenuating circumstances) to attend the PES award meeting.

Eligibility: Must have Bachelor’s degree in engineering from an accredited institution, minimum of 15-years’ experience in industry and/or academia, and have been a member of IEEE/PES for a minimum of five (5) years.

Presentation: One award is given per year. If no suitable candidate is proposed in a given year, the award will not be presented for that year.

Chair: John McDaniel

Committee Members:

P. Barker
J.J. Burke
R.C. Dugan
L. Taylor
J.S. McDaniel (Chair)
D. Ward

Past Recipients:

2017 Jim Bouford
2016 John J. Grainger
2015 Elisabeth A. Tobin
2014 Thomas J. Tobin
2013 John McDaniel
2012 Rick Bush
2011 Lee Taylor
2010 Phil Barker
2009 Reigh Walling
2008 Thomas A. Short
2007 Cheryl Warren
2006 H. Wayne Beaty
2005 Roger Craig Dugan
2004 David R. Smith
2003 Robert E. Owen
2002 John D. McDonald
2000 Daniel J. Ward
2001 Ronald H. Stillman
1999 John G. Anderson
1998 Joseph Koepfinger
1996 James J. Burke
1995 Franco Reggiani
1994 John R. Conrad
1993 William E. Shula
1992 Jack H. Lawson
1991 Harvey Mikulecky
1990 Paul L. Pearson
1989 Sidney R. Gilligan

IMPORTANT:  Nomination forms must be written in English.  One per year. If no suitable candidate is proposed in a given year, the award will not be presented for that year.

PES, being one of IEEE’s Organizational Units, follows IEEE Policy 4.4H.
IEEE Policy 4.4.H
•Eligibility and Process Limitations. Individuals serving on any board or committee involved at any stage of the recipient selection or approval process for an award shall be ineligible to receive, or act as a nominator or reference for that award. This conflict of interest limitation shall apply to all awards given by the IEEE or any of its organizational units.


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