IEEE PES APPEEC 2017: Request for Proposals

The IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) invites interested, non-profit organizations in Asia to submit a proposal to serve as Host of the Ninth Annual Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference (IEEE PES APPEEC 2017).

The proposal requirements are described in more detail below, but each proposal should contain suggested conference dates in 2017, descriptions of the proposed venue(s), and information about the proposed Host – including descriptions of the individuals proposed to serve as key members of the Conference Organizing Committee, and agreements regarding specific APPEEC Hosting Requirements.

Download the full Request for Proposals (PDF).


This highly-regarded conference sponsored by IEEE’s Power & Energy Society aims to provide a premier platform for electrical engineers and scientists in universities, research centers and industry to present their works and to share experiences and ideas in the area of power and energy engineering with experts and scholars - in many instances 500 or more - from around the world. The opportunity for presenters to have their work published in XPLORE® - IEEE’s premier digital library - is only one of the many attributes which set this conference apart. Attendees are provided with an unparalleled opportunity to interface with experts from all related fields including, but not limited to, power generation, power system management, power transmission and distribution, and smart grid technologies.


The following are the required components of all Proposals submitted. Each proposal should include, at minimum:

1. Proposed Host (Hosting Entity)

Name and describe the IEEE-related or non-IEEE-affiliated, not-for-profit organization that will host the subject conference in the role of the official Host.

If the proposer is not affiliated with IEEE, please provide:

  • Evidence of not-for-profit status
  • Description of previous experiences regarding similarly-situated conferences (if any)
  • Plans (if any) to partner with or establish a local PES chapter

If the proposer is an IEEE or IEEE PES affiliate group (e.g. chapter), please provide the following additional information:

  • A listing of IEEE-affiliated meetings which the chapter has previously hosted (if any)
  • Status and activity of the group
  • Evidence of demonstrated interest in PES Conferences

2. Listing of Corporate and Other Patrons/Supporters (e.g. local/regional utilities and or corporations)

  • Include any promised patron/supporters
  • Include likely patron/supporters who will be solicited for support – Please specify names of targets utility and industry champions

3. Listing of Members of Proposed Conference Leadership Team

  • Conference Chair - Name and biographical information related to the person who will lead the conference organizing effort on behalf of the sponsoring entity. Be sure to include all IEEE/ IEEE PES affiliations.
  • Conference Co-Chair - Name and biographical information related to the person who will assist the Conference Chair. Please include any IEEE/IEEE PES affiliations.
  • Technical Program Chair - Name and biographical information related to the person who will lead the Technical Program effort, including any IEEE/IEEE PES affiliations.
  • Conference Treasurer - Name and biographical information related to the person who will be responsible for the finances of the Conference. Please include any IEEE/IEEE PES affiliations.
  • Conference Secretary - Name and biographical information related to the person who will be responsible for the secretarial role of the conference. Please include any IEEE/IEEE PES affiliations.

4. Proposed Host Location (Country, City)

Name and description of the proposed city, state (as applicable), and country, including signature features and attractions, weather prediction at time of conference, etc.

5. Proposed Dates for the Conference.

Please provide the proposed opening and closing dates of the conference. It is suggested that the 2017 APPEEC be held in November/December if possible.

6. Proposed Venue Description

Name and describe the proposed site of the conference, including:

  • Detailed Description of the proposed location, including capacity, number of meeting rooms, prices, and availability (Include estimates/documentation from venues).
  • Description of How Venue and Site City Will Meet Pre-Determined Conference Needs in Specific Categories (e.g., large spaces for plenary sessions, receptions, meeting rooms, sleeping rooms, food & beverage needs, move-in and move-out requirements, registration requirements).
  • Description of Accessibility (From a Global Perspective) and Expected Transportation Costs.
  • Description of Plans for Companion and other extra-curricular activities, such as welcome reception, banquet, technical tours and tutorials.
  • Description of plans designed to enhance local community support of the conference, including planned initiatives/partnerships with local community entities (e.g., Chamber of Commerce, Tourism bureaus, etc.).

7. Statement regarding Working Relationship with the PES Technical Program Committee

The Host will be directly and substantially involved in developing the IEEE PES APPEEC technical program.

A statement should be included indicating the willingness of the Host to work with the PES APPEEC Technical Program Steering Committee to develop the conference technical program.

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) will appoint a Conference Technical Program Co-Chair who will work closely with the IEEE PES APPEEC Technical Program Steering Committee to help integrate local power engineering and energy strengths and areas of interest.

8. Various Statements Regarding IEEE PES APPEEC Requirements

A statement in writing of the willingness of the Host to agree to the following is required:

  1. To Team with Industry, to secure support and participation from industry and utility leaders.
  2. To Ensure PES Involvement. To ensure regional and other PES member involvement in planning and supporting the conference.
  3. To Ensure Value to All Members, Including Researchers and Practitioners.
    APPEEC programs rightly feature cutting-edge research. However, PES seeks to ensure that conferences have clear value to all members, not just members conducting active research. In this regard, APPEEC should be planned to also incorporate tracks (activities during each block of the day) that focus on all different types of members.
    For example, there can be paper presentations that can focus on practice as well as different presentation sessions that focus on research (both should be included in the Call for Papers). In addition, there can be industry & utility-based panel sessions, and a suite of tutorials.
    We envision APPEEC as providing an opportunity for all engineers with common interests to come together in some joint sessions, but it should also offer sessions targeted towards the typical interests of scholars, researchers and practicing engineers.
  4. To Adopt IEEE PES Legacy Fund Model
    The Legacy Fund Model which will be articulated in the conference MOU and Budget indicates that if the conference achieves its 20% profit target and at least a $15,000 USD profit, the Host Entity will receive $7,500 USD.
    Also, the host should agree that any Legacy Fund monies should be used to support PES related activities, including future conference travel costs and student support. Also, the money should be used within 3-years and an annual update on the use of the funds should be submitted to the PES VP-Meetings and to PES Executive Director.
  5. To Agree that IEEE owns IP
    The Host should agree and acknowledge that IEEE is the Owner of all Intellectual Property of the Conference.
  6. To Show Support for Conference from Local Chapters
    It is also strongly encouraged that all proposals include information showing support from the local IEEE PES Chapter or IEEE Section. PES prefers to have local IEEE-PES Chapters heavily involved in the organization of PES conferences.
  7. To Develop and Provide a Pre-Conference Budget
    It is expected that prior to the final approval of the Host, a preliminary budget will be presented and approved by PES.
  8. To Agree to Comply with IEEE and PES Policies and Requirements
    The Host shall agree to follow IEEE/PES Policies and Requirements related to IEEE conference organization including:
    • That the conference be planned and conducted according to IEEE Policies Section 10-Meetings, Conferences, Symposia and Expositions.
    • That all policies related to conference publications be followed, including those related to Copyright Transfer, Plagiarism, and No Show (i.e. at least one author must attend the conference and present the paper for a paper to qualify for Xplore inclusion). All panel session and keynote presentations must be on the PES PPT template available on the IEEE PES website, and should be provided to IEEE PES along with a signed copyright form as soon as the conference concludes, but no later than 15 days after, for possible posting on the PES website.
    • That the conference website will be composed and maintained in compliance with PES Policies and Rules.
      - IEEE or PES will host all conference related websites on an IEEE or PES provided server
      - Domain names will be purchased and managed by IEEE or PES
    • That any conference-related videos adhere to PES Guidelines.
    • That all contracts be provided to IEEE Business Services, and that all contracts with a value greater than $25,000 USD be sent to IEEE Strategic Sourcing for review and execution.
    • That the conference complies with PES requirements that real time access will be provided to the conference registration system. The final registration report is to be provided to IEEE PES no later than 30 days after the close of the conference via a means and using a format which will be delineated by the PES Executive Office.
    • That the conference complies with PES requirements to provide the names and email addresses for all sponsors and exhibitors of the conference. The listing is to be provided to the PES office no later than 30 days after the close of the conference.
    • That all Conference Publications be provided in Xplore-compliant format to IEEE for upload to Xplore no later than 30 days after the conference closes.
    • That the conference itself be closed compliant within 6 months of the conference end date.


Proposals will be evaluated based on the above-described components. The IEEE PES APPEEC Host/Site Evaluation Committee reserves the right to request additional and clarifying information from individuals who submit proposals.

The IEEE PES APPEEC Steering Committee and the Host/Site Evaluation Sub-Committee will make a site selection recommendation to the IEEE PES President and IEEE PES VP-Meetings.


Please submit proposals with appropriate supporting documentation by Monday, March 28, 2016 to Roseanne Jones ( of the PES Executive Office Staff.

NOTE: Electronic submission via a pdf file is required.
In order to ensure that your submission has been received, please follow-up and resend if you do not receive an acknowledgement of receipt via email from Roseanne Jones within two (2) business days.

The final Host/Technical Co-Sponsor selection will be approved by PES as required by policy. A meeting to assess and determine the final selection is expected to be held by end-April 2016.


Please contact:
Professor Lalit Goel
Chair of the IEEE PES APPEEC Steering Committee

Download the full Request for Proposals (PDF).