IEEE PES 2023 Call For Tutorials

Deadline for submisisons - Tuesday, 20 September 2022

The IEEE Power & Energy Society invites proposals for tutorials in conjunction with the following 2023 PES Conferences.

  • IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies – North America (ISGT-NA) – 16 to 19 January – Washington, DC, USA - “Moving to a Self-Driving Grid” - 
  • IEEE PES Grid Edge Technologies Conference and Exposition - 10 to 13 April - San Diego, CA, USA – “Transform the Edge” - 
  • IEEE PES General Meeting – 16 – 20 July - Orlando, FL, USA – “Meeting the Energy Needs of a Dynamic World” - 

Tutorials offer participants from different backgrounds the chance to explore innovative trends and learn new techniques from experts on specific topics in the Power & Energy Industry. The aim is to attract a broad audience, including professionals, researchers, students, and practitioners – anyone who wishes to enhance their knowledge in the selected tutorial topics. An effective and informative tutorial should provide a broad introduction to the chosen area as well as in-depth coverage on selected advanced topics.  Commercial presentations are not acceptable.

 If Tutorial is selected, the instructors must agree with the terms/conditions noted in the agreement on compensation and materials for PES Tutorial Instructors.  

 Submit your completed application & upload your tutorial application using the application portal.

The PES University Education Selection and Quality Control Committee, in conjunction with the PES Technical Council will review and make the selection of the tutorials presented at the PES North American Conferences.

The proposed tutorial:

  • Length must be half day (4 hours) or full day (8 hours).
  • Tutorial organizer MUST first have the tutorial technically approved by the relevant PES Technical Committee.  Any tutorials submitted without the approval of a PES Technical Committee will not be considered. The submitter is responsible for obtaining approval from the PES Technical Committee.

 The following information must be included:

  •  Title of tutorial
  • Abstract/description (~150 words)
  • Target audience
  • Prerequisites
  • Learning objectives
  • Course Outline denoting Topics and timeframes for each topic.  An eight-hour tutorial should allow for at least 7.5 hours excluding break.
  • Instructor names and biographies (approximately 125 words).
  • Email addresses of presenters

Presenter(s) agrees to:

  • Use the PES template. Presenter information and company logo may be on first and last slide only.
  • Permit PDF version of slides to be distributed to registrants via PES Resource Center.
  • Provide signed copy of profit-sharing agreement, W-8/W-9. If W-8, please also provide banking information so that a wire transfer can be made

Proposal Submissions Due: 20 September 2022  (extended from 6 September)

Final Decision Date: October – December 2022


Draft Presentation Due

Final Presentation

Dates of Conference


10 December 2022

7 January 2023

16 – 19 January 2023

Grid Edge

28 January 2023

19 March 2023

10 – 13 April 2023

General Mtg

5 May 2023

5 June 2023

16 – 20 July 2023