IEEE PES 2019 Call For Tutorials


Please complete the following for consideration of your tutorial for one of the following IEEE PES 2019 North American conferences: ISGT and/ or GM, and send to LaToya Gourdine,, and Kathy Heilman,, of the PES Executive Office, who will coordinate the tutorial submission to the PES Selection and Quality Control committee of the Education New Product Development Committee and the PES Technical Council.

Note that ISGT 2019 will be held in Washington DC in February and GM 2019 will be held in Atlanta, Georgia in August.

Click Here for the Call for Tutorials Application Form

The proposed tutorial:

  • Length must be half day (4 hours) or full day (8 hours).
  • Tutorial organizer should first get the tutorial technically approved by the relevant PES Technical Committee (TC), or technical organization. For proposals that are not submitted through formal approval through a particular technical committee, the Selection & Quality Control committee, if need be, will solicit advice from associated technical committee related to the topic of the tutorial submission.

The following information must be included:

  • Title of tutorial.
  • Abstract/description of approximately 150 words.
  • Target Audience.
  • Prerequisites.
  • Learning Objectives.
  • Course Outline denoting Topics and timeframes for each topic. An eight-hour tutorial should allow for at least 7.5 hours excluding break.
  • Instructor names and biographies (approximately 125 words).
  • Email addresses of organizer and all instructors.

Presenter(s) agrees to:

  • Use the PES template. Presenter information and company logo may be on first and last slide only.
  • Permit PDF version of slides printed 2 per page to be distributed to registrants.
  • Provide signed copy of profit sharing agreement, W-8/W-9. If W-8, please provide banking information so that a wire transfer can be made.

Important Dates:

  • Proposal Submissions Due: September 14, 2018 - EXTENDED
  • Final Decision Date: October 19, 2018
  • ISGT Draft Powerpoint Due December 7, 2019; Final due January 4, 2019
  • GM Draft Powerpoint Due May 10, 2019; Final due June 21, 2019

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