IEEE Cooperation Structure on Policy Support

Updated 29 January 2019

IEEE PES Industry Technical Support (ITS) Task Force

Provide support to and cooperate with governments, regulators, and other industry organizations globally on technical issues related to power, energy, and policy topics. The taskforce shall work closely with IEEE Standards Association (SA), IEEE-USA, and other IEEE Societies on an as needed basis. The objective is to tap on IEEE membership, stakeholders and various organizations (e.g. Technical Committees, Smart Grid, Smart Cities, Chapters, etc.) to provide support.

Structure and Plans:

The Task Force is working very closely with Technical Council and Technical Committees, as the PES Technical Committees provide technical expertise and resources, and IEEE PES Governing Board leadership, addressing topics related to conferences and meetings, education, publications, regional activities, etc. It coordinates activities with IEEE SA and other IEEE organizations (e.g. other IEEE societies), as well as with industry organizations on a needed basis.

The Task Force has four Cooperation Task areas as noted below and reports to the IEEE PES Review and Leadership Committee.

The initial focus has been improving cooperation with DOE, NERC and FERC, but it is planned to expand as necessary and when resources are available. 

Officers and Points of Contact

  • Lead Officer: Damir Novosel, IEEE PES Governing Board
  • IEEE PES Governing Board VP of New Initiatives: Shay Bahramirad
  • IEEE PES Staff: Shana Pepin Program Manager of IEEE PES Technical Activities
  • IEEE USA: Shay Bahramirad and Veronika Rabl
  • IEEE Standards Association: Erin Spiewak

IEEE PES Industry Technical Support Task Force

Cooperation Task Team 1: Standards and Interoperability

Improve the electrical power grid performance and interoperability for systems and equipment through timely development of standards. 

  • Leads: Doug Houseman and Chan Wong
  • IEEE Standards Association: Erin Spiewak and Ravi Subramaniam
  • NIST Liaison: Jerry Fitzpatrick

Cooperation Task Team 2: Technology

Support technology advancement through collaboration with existing IEEE working groups or development of new working groups. 

  • Leads: Jeff Nelson and Dagmar Niebur

Cooperation Task Team 3: Conferences and Meetings

Facilitate participation at IEEE conferences, including organizing workshops, panel sessions, and project reviews.

  • Leads: Tom Pierpoint and Julio Romero Aguero

Cooperation Task Team 4: Education

Develop and/or deliver educational and informational materials, such as Webinars, On-demand Tutorials, Publications and Newsletter articles.

  • Leads: Marianna Vaiman and Sharma Kolluri

Industry Support Task Force Interfaces

Joint IEEE efforts have resulted in cooperative relationships with various organizations with each signing of an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IEEE, including specific implementation plans for each initiative. IEEE volunteer leaders have been assigned as interfaces to each initiative to facilitate the process.

  • US Department of Energy (DOE)
    PES: Doug Houseman
    SA: Ravi Subramaniam
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
    PES: Emanuel Bernabeu and Bill Chiu
    SA: Erin Spiewak
  • North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC)
    PES: Jay Liu
    SA: Erin Spiewak and Ravi Subramaniam
  • The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy Ecuador (MEER)
    PES: Jaime Cepeda
  • North American Transmission Forum (NATF)
    PES: Marianna Vaiman and Chris Root


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