FAQs for Transactions Authors

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Paper Preparation

Q: Is there a specific format required for manuscripts being submitted to the Transactions?
A:  Manuscripts submitted to the PES Transactions for review must be in single-spaced, double-column format with all graphics (figures and tables) in place in the text near to where they are cited. See Part 4 of the Author's Kit for complete formatting instructions and a Word template that can be used to format your manuscript.

Q: Is there a LaTeX template available for the PES Transactions?
A: An IEEE Publications Department template is available on the web at http://www.ieee.org/publications_standards/publications/authors/author_templates.html. Please use bare_jrnl.tex. This template will produce a manuscript that satisfies PES formatting requirements. The stylistic differences from the PES Word template are acceptable.

Q: Should the authors' names be included on a manuscript submitted for review?
A: Yes. PES requires that the name and affiliation of each author appear on the first page of any manuscript submitted to the Transactions for review. See Part 4 of the PES Author's Kit for examples of the author line and the affiliation footnote.

Q: Is there a limit to how long my manuscript can be?
A: First submissions are limited to 8 pages including any references, attributions, biographies, etc.

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Submission Information / ScholarOne Manuscripts

Q: I would like to submit my manuscript to the IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid or the IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy. When will they be assigned impact factors?
A: Both Transactions have been accepted by Thomson Reuters for inclusion in the Web of Science and will be assigned impact factors in June 2014.

Q: My paper has been published in the proceedings of a PES conference. Can I submit it to a  PES Transactions?
A: PES policy allows papers presented at PES conferences to be submitted for its journals after upgrading with new and additional content. The policy requires that for a PES conference paper to be considered for a journal publication it must have at least 40% new content reflecting new data, experimental results, analysis, conclusions, etc.

Q: During step 3 of the submission process, how do I add my co-author's name?
A: After you populate the fields with your co-author's information, be sure to click the "Add to My Authors" button. Also, be sure to click "Save and Continue" before leaving the page.

Q: The review site will not allow me to upload my manuscript in PDF format. What file formats are accepted?
A: Your source file can be uploaded in .doc, .rtf, or .ps format. The site will convert it to PDF. Please check the PDF proof to make sure it has converted properly.

Q: The due date for submitting my revision is approaching. Can you tell me the exact time of day that the revision option will expire?
A: It will expire on the due date at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Q: I just submitted the revised version of my manuscript and a response to the reviewers. I can still view the manuscript in my Author Center, but not the response to the reviewers. Is this usual?
A: Yes. Once you submit your revision, the response to the reviewers is no longer visible in the Author Center.

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Review Process

Q: How long will the review of my manuscript take?
A: Every effort will be made to complete the review of your manuscript in three months. Please note that it can take longer if a large number of manuscripts are in review at the same time. If the review has substantially exceeded three months, you may send an inquiry to pes-status@ieee.org. Be sure to include the manuscript ID number.

Q: How can I find out the status of my manuscript?
A: You will be able to confirm that the review of your paper is still in progress by checking the status in your Author Center.

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Upon Acceptance

Q: My manuscript has been accepted for publication. How much time do I have to submit my final files?
A: In order to avoid a delay in the publication of your paper, you should upload your final files as soon as possible.

Q: My manuscript has been accepted. When will it be published?
A: After you have reviewed and approved the proofs of your manuscript, it will be posted as an Early Access article on IEEE Xplore awaiting inclusion in a print issue. Early Access articles are considered published and are fully citable.

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