2022 Governing Board

The IEEE PES Governing Board is responsible for the administration and management of Society affairs in accordance with the rules and regulations of IEEE and the Constitution and Bylaws of the Society. 
Gov Board Frank Lambert

The IEEE Power & Energy Society is extremely saddened to announce the passing of Frank Lambert, 2020/2021 PES President on 27 July 2021.  A full announcement is available.

Past President
Gov Board Jessica


Jessica J. Bian
Grid-X Partners
Wayne, IL, USA

Shay Bahramirad

Shay Bahramirad
LUMA Energy
Puerto Rico, USA

Gov Board Saifur


Saifur Rahman
Virginia Tech
Arlington, VA, USA


IEEE Division VII Director
10224.Gov Board Image Juan Carlos Montero


Juan Carlos Montero Quirós
Costa Rican National Power Control Center
San Jose, Costa Rica

Gov Board Jonathan Sykes
LUMA Energy
Puerto Rico, USA


Gov Board Claudio Canizares


Claudio Cañizares
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, ON, Canada


IEEE Division VII
Vice President
Vice President
Position Vacant



Gov Board Mazana


Mazana Armstrong
PowerTech Labs
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Gov Board Babak Enayati


Babak Enayati
New Leaf Energy
Lowell, MA USA


Vice President
Vice President
Membership & Image
Vice President
New Initiatives/Outreach
Gov Board Bishop


Wayne Bishop Jr.
Quanta Technology
Raleigh, NC USA

Gov Board Julio Romero Aguero


Julio Romero Agüero
Quanta Technology
Houston, TX USA

Nouredine Hadjsaid 2022 photo2x 1


Nouredine Hadjsaid
Université Grenoble Alpes
Grenoble, France


Vice President
Vice President
Technical Activities
Regional Representative
Asia and Pacific
Gov Board Bikash Pal


Bikash Pal
Professor of Power Systems
Imperial College London , UK

HongChen 2022 photo2x 1


Hong Chen
PJM Interconnection
Audubon, PA, USA

Gov Board Dean Sharafi


Dean Sharafi
Australian Energy Market Operator
Perth, WA, Australia


Regional Representative
Europe, Middle East & Africa
Regional Representative
Latin America
Regional Representative
United States and Canada
Gov Board Igor Kuzle


Igor Kuzle
University of Zagreb FER
Zagreb, Croatia

Gov Board Santiago Leon


Santiago Leon
CIP-CDL Electrical
Lima, Peru

Gov Board Mythili Chaganti

Mythili Chaganti
  CenterPoint Energy
Houston, TX USA


Member At Large
Diversity & Inclusion
Member At Large
Global Outreach
Member At Large
Smart Grid

Gov Board Guadalupe Gonzalez

Guadalupe González
Secretaría Nacional de Energía
Panama City, Panama

Gov Board Jun Yu

Jun Yu
State Grid Corporation of China
Beijing, China

Gov Board Ambra Sannino

Ambra Sannino
Stockholm, Sweden


Member At Large
Philanthropic Initiatives
Executive Director


Gov Board Ramakrishna Kappagantu

Ramakrishna Kappagantu
  PRDC Pvt Ltd.
Bangalore, India



Gov Board Tim Lictra

Tim Licitra
  IEEE Power & Energy Society
Piscataway, NJ USA