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Feature Article

Survey Report: IEEE PES Future Directions

The Future Directions subcommittee of IEEE PES Long Range Planning Committee took initiatives to explore the future directions in various sectors based on an extensive survey.
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Voice of the Governing Board

Bruno Meyer, IEEE Division VII Director

A view on the IEEE Board of Directors and the role of the Division VII Director.
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PES eNews Update

IEEE PES Region 2 Update

Region 2 includes 11 PES chapters, including 3 PES/IAS joint chapters and 1 PES/IAS/PELS joint chapter
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Substations Committee Report

Report for the Standards – Substations Committee.
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First PES Day Celebration: Grand Initiatives

The 1st PES Day on April 22, 2018 celebrates 10 years of the IEEE PES name.
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Big Data Analytics

May/June PES Magazine

Look to the Future - Big Data Analytics

We have all heard the management refrain, "Show me the data, and we will make a sound decision!” to make sound decisions, we must identify the data we need to collect, find workarounds when not reliably available, conduct sound analyses, and present them in readily understandable forms...

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