IEEE PES 2021 Elections

Beginning on July 30, Elections will be held for the positions of IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The candidates are as follows:

The deadline to vote is 1 October 2021 @ 12:00pm (EDT) (GMT-05:00) - submit your ballot today

2021 Power & Energy Society voter eligibility - PES higher grade members (excluding Students) and affiliates whose memberships were active prior to 7-July 2021 are eligible to vote in this year’s election.   Higher grade members include the Graduate Student Member (GSM) grade.  Student Members are not eligible to vote in the election.  If you have questions regarding voter eligibility contact

View the candidates videos as presented at the PES Members Meeting 

The successful candidates will serve on the PES Governing Board for the term of 2022–2023. To learn more about the candidates before casting your ballot, read the biographies and candidate statements that follow.

The Candidates

Shay Bahramirad - Running for the office of President-Elect

Shay Bahramirad 5x7 square v02Dr. Shay Bahramirad is the Vice President of Climate and Resilience at Quanta Technology and an Adjunct Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology. She advises cities and utilities with operational risk assessment and developing mitigation strategies for adapting to climate change. Her research and teaching are focused on Microgrids, Elements of Sustainable Energy, and Smart Grid.

Dr. Bahramirad has held several executive positions in the Energy Sector, including Vice President of Engineering and Smart Grid at ComEd, the electric utility in Illinois. She is the IEEE-PES Vice President of New Initiative and Outreach, overseeing PES engagement with policymakers globally on technical issues, emerging technologies, Smart Cities, and Smart Village. She is also an editorial board member of the Electricity Journal and a contributor to the United Nations Goal-7, Clean and Affordable Energy. She holds patents and several graduate degrees including a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology.

IEEE Activities and Accomplishments

Dr. Bahramirad is an IEEE Senior Member and recipient of 2014 IEEE PES Young Engineer Award.  

PES Vice President of New Initiatives and Outreach since 2017:

  • Established PES Executive Advisory Council to provide strategic support directly to the PES Governing Board
  • Overseeing IEEE-Smart Cities with 6-Societies participation and over 4,000 volunteers
  • Supporting Smart-Village and enhancing the philanthropy effort by restructuring, and creating succession plans
  • Creating a PES Diversity Taskforce to increase diversity in all operational areas
  • Overseeing the PE-Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee (ITSLC) 
    • Managing corporate engagement programs with several corporations and regulatory organizations 
    • Developing white papers with the highest number of downloads among all IEEE-PES technical resources, including but not limited to, Impact of IEEE-1547 Standard on Smart Inverters; Impact of Inverter Based Generation on Bulk Power System Dynamics and Short-Circuit Performance; The Definition and Quantification of Resilience 
  • Developed media programs to increase visibility of PES globally in the industry and business audience and position PES as a thought leader in energy sector 
  • Enhancing PES collaboration and partnership with the United-Nations to achieve sustainable energy goals 

She has served on numerous conference organizing-committees, publications boards, technical committees and standards working groups including: 

  • IEEE-USA board member
  • Guest Editor, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, Special Issue on Power Grid Resilience (2015)
  • Guest Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, Special Issue on Asset- Management (2014)
  • Vice-Chair, IEEE-PES Distribution Subcommittee (2014-2016)         
  • Vice-Chair, IEEE P2030.7 – Microgrid Controller Standard (2014-2016)     
  • Led and editor of IEEE P1854 - Smart Distribution Application Guide (2013-2019)
  • Founder, Inaugural-Chair, the Leadership Advisory Committee member, IEEE-PES Women-in-Power (2012-present)
  • Industry Member, IEEE-PES Life-Long-Learning-Subcommittee (2010-2013)
  • Chair, IEEE-PES T&D Conference & Exposition, Chicago (2020)
  • Technical Chair, IEEE-PES T&D Conference, Dallas (2016)
  • Technical Chair, IEEE-PES T&D Conference, Chicago (2014)
  • Technical Committee, IEEE-PES T&D Conference, Orlando (2012)
  • Advisory Committee, IEEE-Great Lakes Symposium on Smart Grid (2013-2016) 


The energy industry is at the center of a profound change. The electric grid we’ve built over generations, working in the background to serve society’s needs, is increasingly in the spotlight today. Climate change is no longer a warning for the future but a stark reality we face every day. The technological advances and standards necessary to address these challenges would seem daunting to most, but as engineers, we do not shy away from problems. We run toward them. We solve problems through innovation, and IEEE-PES is the energy sector’s leading professional society equipped to embrace our member’s ingenuity to innovate the solutions we need.

If elected, my mission will be to empower all PES members globally to lead these efforts by serving as a catalyst for action and as a bold champion for a greener and secure energy future. As President-Elect, I will bring my vision, passion, and collaborative leadership to the role. I pledge to bring together all our members’ voices to leave the world better than we found it.

Lina Bertling Tjernberg - Running for the office of President-Elect

President Elect LinaBertlingTjernberg 1Dr. Lina Bertling Tjernberg is a professor in power grid technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. She is the director of the energy platform and coordinator of lifelong learning at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She was previously a professor at Chalmers University of Technology (2009–2013) and with the National Grid (2007–2009). She completed her Ph.D. degree in electric power systems at KTH in 2002. Her research and teaching are focused on the development of the future sustainable electric power grid with a special interest in reliability analysis, predictive maintenance, and asset management. She is actively involved as an advisor and expert in various professional organizations. Her current appointments include the Program Committee of the World Energy Council, National Strategic Council for Wind Power, ISGAN Academy of Smart Grid, and National Committee of CIRED; in addition, she is part of the expert pool for the EU commission.

IEEE Activities and Accomplishments

  • Distinctions
    • 2016: Appointed as distinguished lecturer of IEEE PES.
      • Giving an IEEE tutorial on asset management with power system applications.
      • Giving DLP lectures and keynotes on the topics “Sustainable Power System Developments,” “Predictive Maintenance Methods,” and “Power System Reliability Assessment”.
      • Frequent keynote speaker at ISGT conferences, Women in Power events, and Women in Engineering affiliations.
    • 2008: Senior Member of IEEE.
  • Committees/boards:
    • Secretary, IEEE PES Governing Board (2014–2016).
    • Treasurer, IEEE PES Governing Board (2012–2014).
    • Editorial board member, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid (2010–2015).
    • Chair, IEEE PES ISGT Europe Steering Committee (2010–2014).
    • Officer of the board, IEEE PES Subcommittee on Risk, Reliability, and Probability Applications (RRPA) (2007–2013).
    • Member of the committee, IEEE PES Uno Lamm High Voltage Direct Current Award (2013–2020).
    • Member of the committee, IEEE PES Ramakumar Family Renewable Energy Excellence Award (2014–2020).
    • Past member of several technical committees and working groups within Methods for Power Systems and Transmission and Distribution.
    • Currently a member of the committees of the IEEE Smart Grid, IEEE PES Awards and Recognition Committee, IEEE PES Industry Technical Support. Leadership Committee, IEEE PES ISGT Europe Steering Committee, and Ad Hoc Committee for Patrick Ryan Award.
  • Region:
    • Region 8.
  • Sections/Chapters:
    • Chair, IEEE Sweden PES/PEL Chapter (2009–2019).
    • Officer of the board, IEEE Sweden Section Board (2006–2008).
  • Student branches:
    • KTH Student Branch advisor.
  • Societies:
    • IEEE PES.
    • IEEE Reliability Society.
  • Conferences:
    • Conference general chair and host, first IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference (ISGT) in Europe, Gothenburg (2010).
    • Conference general chair and host, ninth Probabilistic Methods Applied for Power Systems (PMAPS), Stockholm (2006).
    • Member of advisory groups of IEEE conferences including IEEE PowerTech, ISGT Europe, ISGT Asia, ISGT US, and PMAPS.


Climate change, environmental degradation, and the recognition of the crucial role that access to energy plays in sustainable development and modern life has highlighted the importance of our work as power engineers, researchers, and academics. As the largest association for power engineers, we, the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES), have the opportunity to guide and accelerate the adoption of renewable energy technologies, electrical transportation, and resilient grids. Society needs power engineers now more than ever, and I believe we will rise to the occasion.

The work of our technical committees and the resulting publications and standards are the core of our business. As PES president, I will ensure that this work permeates the entirety of PES, positioning PES to be the global leader in the sector. Our conferences will provide network opportunities and discuss the latest technology developments and research results. Our chapters and communities will launch new initiatives and foster a global, diverse, and inclusive membership. Lastly, PES will be the professional home for our members and contribute to their lifelong learning.

Edvina Uzunovic - Running for the office of President-Elect

President Elect Edvina Uzunovic photo 2021 1Dr. Edvina Uzunovic has more than 20 years of experience in the power systems industry and academia. She was a vital contributor to the success of several leading power industry organizations, ranging from utilities to manufacturers. She fulfilled different roles as a technical officer, senior quantitative analyst, and senior R&TD engineer. In 2012, she transitioned from industry to academia and is currently a professor in the ECE Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She has a B.Sc. degree from the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as M.Sc. and doctorate degrees in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. She has received a number of awards, including first place at the IEEE PES Student Poster Contest in 1999, the EPRI Award Innovators and Technology Award for contributions to the FACTS technology in 2002, and the U.S. National Committee of CIGRE Recognition Awards for noteworthy CIGRE technical papers in 2002 and 2006.

IEEE Activities and Accomplishments

Edvina joined the IEEE Power & Energy Society in 1996 as a graduate student to publish her first IEEE transactions article on HVdc. In 1999, Edvina obtained her first industry job and switched from an IEEE PES student to a professional member. She started actively volunteering for PES in 2008, first as Region 4 representative (2008–2011), followed by Region 1 representative (2012–2016). During that period, she boosted Region 1 professional Chapter activities by more than 50%.

Edvina was an active contributor to the PES Scholarship Plus award (2011–2016), participating in the Steering Committee work and as the chair of Region 1 Selection Committee (2011–2015).

In 2016, Edvina accepted the role of PES vice president Education and began her most productive period as a PES volunteer. She took care of the existing PES student scholarships and helped establish the PES Outstanding Student Scholarship by creating an international selection committee of esteemed professors around the globe.

Her major accomplishment was the conception and formation of PES University, an online site that offers continuous education products for PES members. In a short period of time, PES University has become a go-to site for educational webinars and tutorials. To drive this growth, Edvina formed the New Product Development organization with a mix of new and veteran PES members.

She has initiated the first PES HighSchool initiative in 2018, when for the first time, the high-school students are invited to present a project, visit T&D Exhibition hall, and learn about power industry.

Edvina is an active member of:

  • IEEE PES Long-Range Planning Committee member (2014– 2021).
  • Editorial board member, IEEE Power & Energy Magazine (2016–2021).
  • IEEE PES Technical Committee Program Chairs member (2016– 2021).
  • Global Power System Transformation Consortium–Workforce Development Pillar group (2020–2021).


Due to COVID-19 and software advancements, online education is becoming the norm. PES must follow that path by providing relevant information in expertly prepared educational materials. The PES online courses, papers, webinars, and tutorials should be aggressively expanded to provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) worldwide. The PES CEUs have a potential to become globally recognized and accredited for power and energy industry professional development and training activities. In short, the PES online platform for continuing education should be an active place for PES members who are continuing their education and earning credits.

Due to the current health crisis, most professional meetings, even conferences, are performed virtually. The present practice can be used to bring together geographically distant PES members to PES committees, technical groups, and diversify the current volunteering PES workforce even further.

I will work hard to provide leadership and strategic direction to increase access and inclusion through virtual events and by making the PES University/PES Resource Center the “go-to” places to seek continuing education and earn professional credits that are recognized worldwide.

Sri Niwas Singh - Running for the office of Secretary

Secretary Sri Niwas Singh editedSri Niwas Singh, a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, India, has been teaching and conducting research in power systems areas. He has eight years of industrial experience and more than 24 years of academic experience at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, AIT Bangkok, DTU Denmark, and IITs. He has worked in various administrative capacities, such as vice chancellor, head of the department, chair, and Board of Governors member, among others. He has received several awards, including the INAE Young Engineer Award (2000), CBIP Engineer Award (1996), Humboldt Fellowship of Germany (2005 and 2007), INAE Outstanding Teacher Award (2016), and NPSC 2020 Academic Excellence Award. He has supervised 31 Ph.D. students and 42 master’s degree theses, written 23 book chapters, six edited books, and two textbooks. He has conducted several national/international projects and published more than 510 research papers in various international journals/conferences (h-index = 51; >10,000 citations). He is FIEEE (U.S.A.), FIET (U.K.), FNAE, FIE(I), and FIETE.

IEEE Activities and Accomplishments

  • IEEE Positions:
    • Treasurer, IEEE Uttar Pradesh (UP) Section (2005).
    • Vice-chairman, IEEE UP Section (2011–2012).
    • Chairman, IEEE PES/IAS Chapter, IEEE UP Section (2012–2013).
    • Chairman, IEEE UP Section (2013–2014).
    • Administrator, IEEE Online Communities (2006–2016).
    • IEEE Region 10 Conference and Technical Seminar coordinator (2015–2018).
    • Chair-elect (2017–2018), IEEE India Council.
    • Chair, IEEE India Council (IC) (2019–2020).
    • Vice-chair, IEEE Region 10 Technical Activities (2019–2020).
    • Corresponding Editor, IEEE Potentials (2017–2019).
    • Executive Committee member, IEEE UP Section (2003–present).
  • IEEE Awards:
    • IEEE Region 10 Educational Activities Board Award (2013).
    • IEEE Clayton Griffin Student Paper Award (2013).
    • IEEE EAB Meritorious Achievement Award in Continuing Education (2013) (first Asian to get it).
    • IEEE PES Chapter Outstanding Engineer Award (2014).
    • IEEE Region 10 (Asia–Pacific) Outstanding Volunteer Award (2016).
    • IEEE India Council, M.V. Chauhan All-India Student Paper Award (2015 and 2016).
    • IEEE UP Section Prof. G.K. Dubey Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award (2018).
    • IEEE UPCON Best Paper Award (2017 and 2018).
  • IEEE Conferences/Distinguished Lectures:
    • General chair/patron of 34 IEEE international conferences.
    • Coordinator, 24 short-term courses for industry/academic people on power systems and related fields.
    • Founding general chair of the IEEE Uttar Pradesh Section Conference (UPCON) and IEEE IC Subsection Conference (INDISCON).
    • Several panels in IEEE PES general meetings.
    • IEEE Distinguish Lecturer of PES from 2019 and the Industry Application Society for 2019–2021.
  • National Professional Activities:
    • Chairman, Institution of Engineers (India), Kanpur Local Center (2010–2012).
    • Executive Committee Member, IE (India), UP State Center (2010–2012).
    • Executive Committee Member, IE (India), Kanpur Local Center (2006–2018).
    • Chairman, Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, Kanpur Center (2016–2018).
    • Executive Committee Member, IETE, Kanpur Center (2014–present).
    • Convenor (electrical), Indian National Academy of Engineering (2020).


I am simply one of you and running to represent you to make IEEE PES more relevant and professionally more active. I started as a Member of IEEE, which is the best professional organization in the world, over 21 years ago. As a nonprofit organization, IEEE PES’s key thrusts are promotion of technical excellence, thoughtful leadership, facilitation of collaboration, and networking, members benefit rather than earning profits. Collectively, we need to keep IEEE PES strong as a memberdriven, volunteer-based international community. I pledge to:

  • provide greater value through new products and services.
  • develop more continuing education and training on practical content relevant for industry and academic members.
  • develop a new business model to make PES more economically viable for reducing membership fees.
  • ensure transparency in all decision-making processes through good governance.
  • build our strength in diversity, for all of us worldwide.
  • strive for fair participation and leadership from diverse groups and regions, especially the underrepresented and women.
  • strengthen the local/sectional councils/regional Chapters, membership increase and retention.

Let’s together build a better vibrant future for PES.

Jonathan Sykes - Running for the office of Secretary

jonathan sykesJonathan Sykes is the engineering services manager for SEL in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. He received his academic training from the University of Arizona and has worked in the electric power industry for more than 35 years. He is a Fellow of IEEE and a licensed Professional Engineer. He has always leveraged technology in collaboration to champion success. In the 1990s, his teams provided the first integrated protective relay/ RTU/SCADA systems in Arizona. In the 2000s, he pioneered the first widearea protection scheme based on IEC 61850 GOOSE messaging. In the 2010s, his team implemented one of the most advanced synchrophasor systems in North America. He helped quantify leading-edge concepts in lifecycle management for mission-critical protection and control systems. Today, he is applying all of that experience to help customers create sustainability and improved reliability. He leads diverse teams to develop new methods, establish standards, and implement strategies to modernize the grid.

IEEE Activities and Accomplishments

With your support, Sykes was elected in 2019 to serve as the secretary of the IEEE PES. By March 2020, the pandemic required Jonathan and the PES Board to pivot and implement strategies as IEEE PES events became virtual. As the PES secretary, Jonathan kept detailed records of these meetings as well as maintained the bylaws and history of the PES Board. Jonathan’s first term as secretary ends this year, and he is looking for your support as he runs for a second and final term.

Sykes’s first interaction with IEEE involved sharing case studies of integrating substations with new technologies. This included new communication techniques such as 61850. Sykes also helped rewrite and update core topics like breaker failure, distribution protection, and equipment guides and standards. After the 2003 North American blackout, he worked with IEEE teams to provide support in writing applicable regulatory standards and helped engage the IEEE Power System Relay Committee in oversight of the emerging compliance requirements. IEEE played a key role in introducing relevant issues to regulators and the creation of meaningful standards.

The electric grid relies on remedial action schemes, and Sykes led IEEE teams to write the design and testing guidelines for these critical schemes. Throughout his career, he has been an advocate for PES and represented IEEE as a Distinguished Lecturer in North America and around the world, sharing the Society’s good work, knowledge, and experience. His aim is to help elevate IEEE’s reputation and promote the reliability, affordability, and safety of this industry. As a leader in our industry, he believes that it is vital to recruit and cultivate diversity and inclusion in our industry. Sykes is still in awe of and humbled by the potential of PES and its important role in shaping this industry.


The pandemic of 2020 created an urgent priority for us all to find new ways to accomplish our work. I am proud of how we all collaborated at the local branches, technical committees, and PES Board to find solutions and continue the important work of PES. Our industry was built on longevity, where change was the exception, and reliability was the priority. This is no longer the situation—demands for environmental protection, efficiency, and continued reliability are pushing the power and energy community to leverage rapidly evolving technologies. PES technical activities are the forum through which this rapid change is tempered by sound engineering processes. My work with IEEE, EPRI, and many of our industry leaders has been focused on balancing new technology with existing methods through carefully conceived change. We must continue to enhance the central role of IEEE with activities and work products by expanding the collaboration to include all stakeholders. I will work diligently to serve you and those whose lives we impact . . . our customers.

Juan Carlos Montero - Running for the office of Treasurer

Treasurer Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos Montero is the former PES vice president of Membership and Image. He has previously held several other volunteer leadership roles within PES at the local and international levels. He works on the Costa Rican Power System Operator and has more than 20 years’ experience at his company. He is currently the electrical operational planning coordinator at the Costa Rican National Power Control Center. He has also been a part-time professor at the University of Costa Rica for more than 10 years. He received the bachelor and licentiate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Costa Rica. He is a Senior Member of IEEE.



 IEEE Activities and Accomplishments

Mr. Montero has participated in several IEEE and PES roles on an international level:

  • Current president-elect, IEEE Central America and Panama Council (2020–2021).
  • Current IEEE spokesperson on the Global Power System Transformation Consortium.
  • IEEE PES vice president, Membership and Image (2016– 2020).
  • IEEE PES Long-Range Planning Committee member (2014–2020).
  • IEEE PES Power System Operation, Planning, and Economics (PSOPE) Committee member.
  • IEEE PES Nominations and Appointments Committee member.
  • IEEE PES Social Media Committee chair (2012–2015).
  • IEEE PES Central America Chapters representative (2011–2015).
  • IEEE PES Costa Rica Outstanding Engineer Award (2011).
  • IEEE PES Costa Rica Chapter chair (2007–2008).
  • IEEE Costa Rica Section vicechair and other board positions.


I am Juan Carlos Montero, and I work at the System Operator in Costa Rica. From my homeland, I have witnessed the value of IEEE PES as a global organization. For the last five years, I have had the privilege to participate on the identification of the hot topics for IEEE PES and the energy industry as an IEEE PES Governing Board member. From my position, we were able to promote IEEE PES a global organization, and we were able to support our members and volunteers to create amazing activities that improved their lives and those around them. My goal, if elected as IEEE PES treasurer, will be to seek growth of the support of our volunteers worldwide. This includes major participation on our conferences outside USA, motivate and facilitate local Chapter activities, and support the role of our technical committees as a bigimpact stakeholder on relevant topics on Industry. IEEE PES makes great things through its volunteers, and we should provide them the tools to make their activities easier for them.

Nirmal K. C. Nair - Running for the office of Treasurer

Treasurer Nirmal Nair

Nirmal K.C. Nair received the B.E. degree in electrical engineering from Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, in 1990 and the M.E. degree in high voltage from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, in 1996. After a decade of professional engineering in India, he moved to the United States to earn a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Texas A&M in 2004, following which he relocated to New Zealand (NZ). He has held various industry, research, and academic positions during his career. Currently, his day job is as a tenured faculty member at the University of Auckland, where he actively engages with electricity stakeholders like generators, transmission system operators, distributors/metering, regulators, vendors, and engineering associations regularly through consultancy, research, and advisory activities. His technical contributions are in protective relaying, renewable integration, electricity markets, blackouts, resilience, and power system education. He is passionate about lifelong learning, energy policy, innovation, and thought leadership. He is engaged technically with other national and international power engineering organizations like EEA-NZ, CIGRE, and CSEE.

IEEE Accomplishments

Joined as student member (1989–1990) through the IEEE Student Branch, Faculty of Technology and Engineering, M.S. University (first IEEE entity in Gujarat), now vibrant Gujarat Section (Region 10). Engagement continued in Texas, Region 5, from 2000, and thereafter, since 2004, from Auckland, NZ (Region 10). IEEE roles and contributions include the following:

  • IEEE PES and sister Societies
    • IEEE Open Access Journal of Power and Energy, editor (2020–present).
    • PES Industry Technical Support Leadership Committee (2019–present).
    • PES Distinguished Lecturer Program coordinator (2018– present).
    • PES Long-Range Planning education chair (2018–present).
    • R10 South Chapter representative (2016–present).
    • PES Constitution and Bylaws chair (2011–2016).
    • IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, editor (2014–2019).
    • IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, guest editor (2015– 2016).
    • PES N&A (2011–2013) • NZ North Chapter chair (2011– 2014).
    • PEEC Lifelong Learning Subcommittee section, vice-chair, and chair (2009–2014).
    • Technical committees: PSO, PSDP, PSRC, and PEEC (2000–present).
    • PELS, IAS, IES, SMC, and WiE membership.
  • IEEE New Zealand North Section
    • Vice-chair, chair, and past chair (2007–2012).
    • Branch counselor (2005–2018).
  • IEEE Region 10
    • Vice-chair of professional activities, IEEE Region 10 Executive Committee (2021–present).
    • Region 10 Professional Activities (2019–2020).
    • Region 10 Educational Activities (2016–2018).
    • Region 10 Awards and Recognition (2015).
    • NZ Council chair (2016–2018).
    • Centre for Leadership Excellence, authored counselor role (2011).
  • Conference leadership:
    • IEEE Region 10 TENCON (Auckland), general chair (2021).
    • IEEE Workshop on the Electronic Grid (e-GRID) (Auckland), general cochair (2022).
    • IEEE ICDCM 2023 (Auckland), finance chair (2023).
    • PES ISGT ASIA (Auckland), general chair (2017).
    • PELS SPEC (Auckland), finance chair (2016).
    • PES POWERCON (Wollongong), publicity chair (2016).
    • PES POWERCON (Auckland), general chair (2012).
    • Region 10 Student/WIE/ GOLD (Auckland), chair (2011).
  • IEEE Recognition:
    • PES Outstanding Engineer (2015).
    • Region 10 Outstanding Volunteer (2014).
    • MGA Outstanding Branch Counselor (2013).
    • Region 10 Outstanding Counselor (2012).
    • Andrew P. Sage Best SMC Transactions Paper (2012).
  • Nominating others:
    • PES Awards, Member Elevation (2010–present).
    • SB Region 10 Exemplary and Outstanding Awards (2007, 2008, 2010, and 2011).
    • President’s Exceptional Humanitarian winner, “OneBeep” (2011).
    • MGA GOLD Award (2011 and 2013).
    • Region 10 Outstanding Volunteer (2013).


Three decades of lifelong learning through my profession, service, engagement volunteerism, networking, and organizational experiences of IEEE, I feel that PES members will be a key part of the global energy mission of a secure, decarbonized, and 100% renewable future.

I also strongly believe that PES technical and thought leadership will help engineers, decision makers, and stakeholders deliver the safest, secure, most resilient, and economic pathways toward achieving zero-carbon energy transition by 2050.

I am experienced across the various revenue-generating roles of our Society like conferences, publications, workshops, and high-quality education products like tutorials and webinars through PES University. In addition, I have played a part in various services/ programs offered to our members across the globe, like the Distinguished Lecture Program; member recruitment, recognition, and elevation; professional activities; and enabling PES synergies with other sister IEEE entities and global power engineering learned societies.

If elected, you can be assured of transparent, safe, and efficient financial operation to continue our current activities and member services alongside encouraging our board and members at large to initiate new value and services.