2011 General Meeting Super Session Presentations

Below are a selection of the Super Session presentations from the IEEE PES 2011 General Meeting. All presentations are in Adobe PDF format and Adobe Acrobat 9 or higher is required to view them. Please note that presentation titles may have been shortened to fit on this page.


Monday PM - Late Breaking News Session

1 - The Impact of the Fukushima Accident on Nuclear Power in the U.S.
Steven Arndt

2 - NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Standards Update
Jerry FitzPatrick

3 - Advanced Markets enabling Advanced (Smarter Grid) Technologies in PJM
Chantal Hendrzak

4 - Application of Distributed Resources
Hawk Asgeirsson

5 - Southern CompanySmart Grid

6 - Aurora Vulnerability: Issues & Solutions Hardware Mitigation Devices (HMDs)
Emanuel E. Bernabeu

7 - SCE's Irvine Smart Grid Demonstration
Bob Yinger

Tuesday AM - Presentations (EV Super Session)

1 - EVSE Standards Status
Gery Kissel

2 - SAE PEV Communication Task Force Status
Rich Scholer

3 - NIST/SGIP Status Update
Jerry Melcher

4 - Activities of LSIS on EV Infrastructure in Korea
Jin Lee

5 - Plug-In Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure
Hawk Asgeirsson

6 - Multiple Car Charging and PQ Analysis
Brian Prokuda

7 - Vehicle Technologies Program's Plug-in Electric Vehicle and Charging Infrastructure Demonstrations
John Smart

Tuesday PM - Presentations (Energy and the Environment)

1 - Energy Decisions in the Midst of Major Regulatory Change
Skiles Boyd

2 - The Nexus of Energy & Water
Kurt Westermann

3 - Renewable Energy and the Role of Energy Storage
Jim Croce

4 - Enabling Solutions to a Low-Carbon Economy
Adam Muellerweiss

Wednesday AM - Presentations (Distributed Bulk Storage)

1 - The Future of Batteries in Grid Applications
Ali Nourai

2 - American Electric PowerCommunity Energy Storage
Paul Thomas

3 - Energy Storage Demonstration Projects
Hawk Asgeirsson

4 - Communicating with a Smart Utility Grid
Don Berkowitz

5 - Synergy between Electrified Vehicle and Community Energy Storage Batteries and Markets
Dr. Ken Dudek

6 - Greensmith Energy Management Systems
J. Jung

7 - Independent Testing of Complete CES Systems
Rick Fioravanti

Wednesday PM - Presentations (Wind and Solar)

1 - Powering Michigan's Energy Future
Chuck Conlen

2 - Offshore Wind Energy in Michigan
Leonard Bohmann

3 - Wind Power Bidding Based on Chance-constrained Optimization
Jianhui Wang, Qianfan Wang

4 - Power Oscillation Damping Controller for WindPower Plant Utilizing Wind Turbine Inertia as Energy Storage
T. Knuppel, J.N. Nielsen, K.H. Jensen, A. Dixon, J. Ostergaard

5 - Energy Extraction Characteristic Study of Solar Photovoltaic Cells and Modules
Shuhui Li, Huiying Zhen

6 - Solar Power Plant Design and Interconnection
E.H. Camm, S.E. Williams

7 - Integration Challenges of Photovoltaic Distributed Generation on Power Distribution Systems
Steve Steffel

8 - Application of Direct Transfer Trip for Prevention of DG Islanding
Reigh Walling

Thursday AM - Presentations (Smart Grid: Part 1)

1 - Smart Grid Supersession – Analytics and IntegrationEdwin
Edwin Liu

2 - Requirements Driven Design and Implementation of Smart Grid Applications and Technology
Stephen McArthur

3 - Synchrophasor PMU Data Analysis for Enhanced Control Center Operations
Jay Giri

4 - Analytically Driven Power Distribution Applications
Karen Miu

5 - Real-Time Pricing and Demand Response
Rob Pratt

Thursday PM - Presentations (Smart Grid: Part 2)

6 - Implementation of Centralized Remedial Action Scheme-An Important Step towards WAMPAC
Jun Wen

7 - Smart Distribution Applications & Their Integration In A Smart Grid Environment
Bob Uluski

8 - Integration of PEV and PV Sources into the Electric Distribution System
Julio Romero Aguero

9 - SmartCurrents: Technical Achievements andPractical Challenges
Gerard Labut