2009 General Meeting Panel Presentations

See What You Missed!

If you were in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for the 2009 PES General Meeting and attended a valuable panel session, refresh your memory with reference to the presentation.

  • If you missed a session, use the presentations along with the proceedings to enhance your understanding of the material.
  • And, if you were unable to attend the meeting, here's a way to get an idea of what you missed and consider attending the 2010 PES General Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, 25–29 July 2010.

Click on a link below to be connected to session descriptions from the printed program and available presentations.

  • Super Sessions
  • Technical Committee Sessions: EDPG, EMC, ETC
  • Technical Committee Sessions: PEEC, PSACE
  • Technical Committee Sessions: PSC, PSDP, PSIM, PSO, PSPI
  • Technical Committee Sessions: SUB, TD, TRANS
  • Technical Committee Sessions: Multiple Committees, Non-Committee