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Region 1 News Update

The impact of renewables is one of the greatest challenges facing the power industry today and Region 1 is no exception this year as in previous years.
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Voice of the Governing Board

Frank C. Lambert, PES President-Elect

IEEE Empower a Billion Lives is a recurring global competition focused on harnessing global innovation and creativity along common metrics to create a pipeline of solutions that are relevant, scalable and viable.
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PES eNews Update

Transformers Committee 2017 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report for the Transformers Committee.
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PowerBuzz-2018: Mega-Event by NSU PES SBC

POWERBUZZ-2018 is not just a Mega-event but a story of countless people’s hard work and the journey of individuals coming together.
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Workshop on OpenDSS: PES Univ. of Moratuwa SBC

A hands-on workshop on OpenDSS was held on Jan. 11th at the University of Moratuwa.
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Changing Consumers' Energy Behavior

January/February PES Magazine

Changing Consumers' Energy Behavior

The Nobel Prize Committee recently recognized Richard Thaler for his contributions to behavioral economics...

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