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Humans of IEEE PES: Frank C. Lambert, 2020-21 PES President

We are very pleased to include an exclusive interview of Frank C. Lambert.
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Voice of the Governing Board

Juan Carlos Montero, VP Membership & Image

IEEE PES is a big community and our diversity gives us the potential to share experiences and knowledge to keep the lights on during these most needed times.
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PES eNews Update

IEEE PES Day 2020: Celebrations Postponed

After careful consideration, PES DAY celebrations in April have been cancelled.
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IEEE PES Day 2020: HAC & WiP Webinar

IEEE PES WiP and IEE HAC hosted an inspiring webinar on 19 March 2020.
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Transformers Committee Annual Report 2018

Annual Report for the Transformers Committee.
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March/April 2020 Power & Energy Magazine

Reaching New Heights: Building Blocks of Advanced Transmission Systems

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