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Feature Article

Membership Corner: PES Day Celebration 2018

We are really proud about all the great activities done all over the World for celebrating PES Day, with great reports and images of technical tours, courses, webinars, outreach and also social activities.
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Voice of the Governing Board

Saifur Rahman, IEEE PES President

On April 22, 2008, the IEEE Power Engineering Society changed its name to the IEEE Power & Energy Society to more appropriately reflect our modern scope and areas of focus.
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PES eNews Update

Editor’s Corner: PES Day Celebration 2018

It was really amazing to see the overwhelming response from the PES volunteers to celebrate PES Day with enthusiasm and dedication.
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PES Day Celebration: Bangladesh

A colorful celebration of IEEE PES Day, organized by IEEE Bangladesh Section, IEEE PES Bangladesh Chapter and IEEE BUET Student Branch was held.
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PES Day Celebration: IEEE SB of UNIFACS (Bahia Section, Brazil)

The IEEE PES UNIFACS Student Branch Chapter celebrated IEEE PES Day with a series of lectures.
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Big Data Analytics

May/June PES Magazine

Look to the Future - Big Data Analytics

We have all heard the management refrain, "Show me the data, and we will make a sound decision!” to make sound decisions, we must identify the data we need to collect, find workarounds when not reliably available, conduct sound analyses, and present them in readily understandable forms...

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