PES Author's Kit

Prior to submitting your technical work for review, please be sure that you are referencing the guidelines now in effect. Check this site for the latest revisions. Submissions which do not meet current criteria will not be reviewed.

Elements of the PES Author's Kit

Be sure to use the latest instructions and documents!

NOTE: The Author's Kit is divided into several sections. Below, sections needed for preparation and submission of Transactions and Journal papers and preparation and submission of other technical works have been grouped together for your convenience. The remaining items are listed by title.

To Prepare and Submit a Transactions Paper

Section Title Number
Regarding Transactions Papers  
Introduction PG1
Preparation of a PES Transactions Paper PG2
Preparation of a PES Journal Paper PG11
Sample, Template for PES Technical Paper PG4
Symbols and Prefixes PG9
IEEE Copyright Form  

To Prepare and Submit a Technical Work for a PES Conference

Section Title Number
Introduction PG1
Preparation of a PES Conference Work PG3
Sample, Template for PES Technical Paper PG4
Symbols and Prefixes PG9
IEEE Copyright Form  

Other Sections of the PES Author's Kit

Smart Grid Newsletter
IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative
PES Careers
PES Women in Power
IEEE PES Merchandise
IEEE PES Young Professionals
IEEE Smart Village
Plain Talk Education

PES Magazine and Society News

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Feature Article

PES Elections

PES ElectionsBeginning in August, the voting membership of IEEE PES will have the opportunity to elect our future leadership...
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Voice of the Governing Board

Ted Burse, PES Standards

Ted Burse, PES StandardsSome Practical Tips for Speeding up Ballot Comment Resolution
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PES eNews Update

IEEE PES Seeks Editor for Power & Energy Magazine

IEEE Power & Energy Magazine is seeking an accomplished Executive Editor...
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Surge Protective Devices Committee Report

Report for the Surge Protective Devices Committee.
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Utility Transformer Workshop – Austin Chapter

The CTS joint chapter of PES/IAS/PELS/IES, which calls itself (PI)², hosted a workshop...
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May/June PES Magazine

May/June PES Magazine

A More Resilient Grid

ELECTRIC DISTRIBUTION GRID RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (R&D) has long focused on the reliability, affordability, flexibility, and efficiency of electricity delivery for end users; however, this focus has primarily been outside the realm of severe climate events. Due to the increasing frequency and intensity of weather-caused grid outages...
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