Professional Development

The IEEE Power & Energy Society offers resources for the professional advancement and development of our members. We offer in-person tutorials on a wide variety of technical topics, Plain Talk courses for power industry professionals, and job finding and posting services through PES-Careers. Learn more about PES's leadership in identifying power industry workforce challenges through the Workforce Collaborative.

Resources for Fellow Nominators

  1. IEEE Recommendation Guide for Writing Effective Nominations
  2. Information on how to write an effective IEEE Fellow nomination
    1. View webinar video on "How to Write an Effective IEEE Fellow Nomination". Presented by Mariesa Crow, Missouri S&T (Membership Webinar Series)
    2. View webinar information on "How to Write an Effective IEEE Fellow Nomination"
    3. View powerpoint presentation on "How to Write an Effective IEEE Fellow Nomination"
  3. 2016 PES Fellows Committee Members (see below)
  4. List of all Active PES Fellows

2016 PES Fellows Committee Members

Venkat (Sharma) Kolluri, Chair
Entergy Service Inc.


Abur,A.; Boston, MA
Adamiak, M.: Philadelphia, PA
Clark, K.; Denver, CO
Simoes Costa, A.; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Giri, J.; Redmond, WA
Hidaka, K.; Tokyo, Japan
Kezunovic, M.; College Station, TX
Kolluri, V. (Chair); New Orleans, LA
Liu, Y.; Knoxville, TN
Milanovic, J.; Manchester, UK
Nucci, C.A.; Bologna, Italy
Vaahedi, E.; Vancouver, Canada
Yalla, M.; Largo, FL
Zhang, B.; Beijing, China